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Traditional Brazilian Restaurant for Private Events in Center City

Picanha Steakhouse is Philadelphia’s number one Brazilian steakhouse, and it’s the best place to host a private event centered around the mouth-watering cuisine of Brazil. Unlike many other Brazilian takeout restaurants in Philadelphia, Picanha Steakhouse gives you a rich cultural experience and traditional cuisine that can only be found at a genuine Brazilian churrascaria. When you host a special event at Picanha, your guests will enjoy much more than a hot meal — they will experience the true taste of Brazil.

Enjoy Private Restaurant Events With Authentic Brazilian Cuisine

Hosting a private event at a restaurant is supposed to be exciting; you should expect more than food and service. When you reserve space for a private event at our traditional Brazilian restaurant on Locust St, your guests will find themselves immersed in a lively atmosphere that is rich with Brazilian culture, and they will enjoy the finest roasted meats that South American tradition has to offer. With an alluring salad bar, menu items for kids, and delicious desserts, any event you host at Picanha Brazilian Steakhouse is sure to be a winner, and you will set a new standard for group outings within your circle.

Experience Brazilian Culture on Locust St

You don’t have to get on a plane to South America to experience Brazilian culture — you can find it right here on Locust Street in Center City. The run-of-the-mill bar and grills you typically find in the city simply fail to provide a rich cultural experience, which is what you get when you dine at Picanha Brazilian Steakhouse. It’s always nice to shake it up once in a while, so the next time you are looking for a restaurant for private events, spice things up by reserving a private room at our traditional Brazilian churrascaria. You’ll get a night that you will never forget, and the experience will easily surpass anything you would find at a standard bar and grill in Philly.

Host a Special Event in One of Our Private Rooms

When you have intimate events with small gatherings of your closest friends, family members, and colleagues, you make memories that last a lifetime. Picanha Brazilian Steakhouse is the perfect restaurant in Center City for private events. Reserving a small private room is ideal for such gatherings because your group can engage one another behind closed doors while enjoying excellent service and delectable cuisine provided by our dedicated staff members.

Make a Reservation for a Private Event Today

Want to have an exciting private event with an injection of authentic Brazilian culture? There’s no better place to enjoy an evening of dining with your closest friends, family members, and colleagues, than with a special event at Picanha Brazilian Steakhouse. Our restaurant’s lively atmosphere and delectable cuisine are inspired by the rich cultural traditions of Brazil, and your guests will not be disappointed by the experience they have. We have something special for everybody to enjoy, from children to adults and even vegetarians — come find something delicious! Contact us today if you have questions about our accommodations and let us know if you would like to make a reservation.